6 thoughts on “S5 Band Plans

  1. Tom,

    Your bandplans are very good and eye catching. I am creating a log book for the FISTS club, which will be sold to members and non-members . It is not really commercial as no profit will be made from it. Could I have permission to use your band plan please? I shall not be offended if not!


  2. Živjo Tom,
    tudi na bandih, ki jih pogosto uporabljam se v?asih sprehajam tam kamor ni treba. Zdaj bodo printi zraven, imam pa? samo en monitor 🙂
    Hvala za zelo uporaben pripomo?ek.

    Lp Stojan in 73 de S51CP

  3. Really Great Band Plan, I was hoping that you may be able to give me a copy that I could edit for use in Australia, when I develop it I will then also share it with the WIA members in Australia, I will of course ensure that you are given FULL credit for the band plan design.


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